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 The Feast of the Holy Family – December 26, 2010
Feast of St. John
Monday Dec 27 9:00 am Monica Brosso (Church)
Feast of the Holy Innocents
Tuesday Dec 28 9:00 am Frank Murphy (Church)
Wednesday Dec 29 9:00 am Donna Soja (Church)
Thursday Dec 30 9:00 am Fr. Antonio Pinheiro (Church)
Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God – New Years
Friday Dec 31 5:00 pm Yvette Delisle –(Church)
Saturday Jan    1 10:00 am Parishioners – (Church)
Solemnity - Epiphany of our Lord- January 2, 2010
Sunday Jan    2 9:00 am
11:00 am
Hugh & Anne McEachen –(Church)
Parishioners –(Church)
Monday Jan    3 9:00 am William Vanhorn (Chapel)
Tuesday Jan    4 9:00 am Harold Payne (Chapel)
Wednesday Jan    5 9:00 am Loretta Adams (Chapel)
Friday Jan    7 9:30 am Draper, Medley & Doran Families (Church)
Baptism of the Lord- January 8/9, 2010
Saturday Jan    8 5:00 pm Mark McRae –(Church)
Sunday Jan    9 9:00 am
11:00 am
Cecil Niedbala – (Church)
Parishioners – (St. Martha School)
All Masses on Sundays, December 26 and January 2, will be at the Church.

Solemnity of Mary  - New Years – December 31/January 1
Dec. 31 – 5 pm  - Basil Brosso (Church)
Jan. 1    -10 am – Irma Stuart (Church)
Solemnity – Epiphany of the Lord – January 2, 2011
Jan. 2     - 9 am  - Patricia Croxford (Church)
               11 am  - Susan Faris (Church)
Baptism of the Lord – January 8/9, 2011
Jan. 8    -  5 pm  - Ron Arsenault (Church)
Jan. 9   -   9 am  - John Uliana (Church)
               11 am  - Billy Ows (School)
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
Solemnity of Mary  - New Years – December 31/January 1
Dec. 31  - 5 pm  - Roseanne Hogan & Karla Nichols (Church)
Jan. 1    -10 am – Brian Reitzel & Odette Denison (Church)
Solemnity – Epiphany of the Lord – January 2, 2011
Jan. 2    - 9 am  - Mary Lou Murray & Karla Nichols (Church)
               11 am – Pat Stenson & Laura Raycraft (Church)
Baptism of the Lord – January 8/9, 2011
Jan. 8   -  5 pm  - Marguerite Laudanski & Madeline Halladay (Church)
Jan. 9   -  9 am  - Shirley Levac & Lynda Crowe (Church)
.             11 am  - Marjorie & Phil Henderson (School)

Christmas Flowers have been donated for the Glory of God and in Memory of

Isabel Soares & Conceicao Ferreira by Marie Soares-Borges & Manuel Borges
The Gould & Domarchuk Families by Roy Gould
Doug & Rose Kelly, Jim & Marion Stenson by Mike & Faye Stenson
Des & Anne Doyle by The Townsend Family
Ronald Mayfield & Linda Bilow by the Mayfield Family
Ronald Halligan by Lois Halligan & Family
Kalipershad & DeBernardi Families by D. Kalipershad
Mr. & Mrs. Parkinson, Anne, Mr. & Mrs. Worrall by John & Audrey Worrall
Martha Brennick, Monica Brosso by Basil Brosso
Cecil Niedbala, McAdoo Family by Joan Niedbala
Lou Duguay & Werner Goldstein by Anna Goldstein
Father McGarvey by Simon Kovacs
Murray & Hensman Families by Des & Mary Hensman
Margaret Dogan & Camilla Corrigan by Catherine Crozier
Harold Legere by Clare Legere
Audrey Elizabeth Dance
Hogan & Kennelly Families by Roseanne Hogan
Ken Furrie By Lois Furrie
Arnold & Edith Gillis by Fr. John Gillis
Souls in Purgatory by Kevin & Gwen Barry
Green and Shaw Families
Jeff Kennedy by L. Kennedy
Florence Laudanski by S. Laudanski
Guila & Lutz Families by John & Cora Lutz
Murray Fleet by The Mulholland Family
Pauline Foley by Reg & Diane Smith
Dubuc & Tien Families by Lucienne & Lloyd
Father Justin Hanley by Paul & Faith Boyle
Sister Mary Francis Houlihan by Irene Houlihan
Don Pearse & Pearse Family by Vi Pearse

Christmas Message

 Every year we gather at this time to remember the day that God came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ the Son of Mary.  Many of you have listened to the points of view that tell us that this date is an old pagan feast that the Church took over so that the people would convert to Christianity.  It is easy to believe this line of human reasoning and our attitudes can begin to reflect the same sentiments that lead us to see the coming of God as something made up or fabricated by a small group.

  Perhaps this has led many to abandon the age old traditions of the Church such as the celebration of the Octave Masses following Christmas day, the twelve days of Christmas, even Midnight Mass itself; after all even in Rome it is said at 10:00 pm!!!  Each time an attempt is made to renew an old tradition we often hear the saying “you can’t turn back the hands of time”!

 No doubt this is true, we live in a world that is changing so rapidly that one can only hope to know a little bit of what is going on and clinging to the past will keep you from moving into the future.  Old Folks who once came to Mass in a horse and buggy are now travelling in cyberspace!  How different will the world be in ten years!

 Despite all these things, we can rest assured of one constant, Jesus Christ.  He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow.  He is the one through whom all things have been created, he made the night and the day.  Even the ancient pagans had to wonder over what they could not understand, the moving of the celestial bodies.  

 The winter solstice is indeed a remarkable day; it is when the daylight hours have shortened so that we have the longest and darkest night of the year.  After this the days begin to lengthen. Light once more begins to win the battle against darkness and the “Son” rises again.

 If pagans could look to this night with such hope, how much more should we Christians look forward to the end of darkness and sin in the world!  This will only come when Christ comes from the heavens to claim His victory in all His glory.  Surely the angels will sing the Alleluia in deafening volumes!  There will be more than shepherds standing in the fields that will be startled, all the earth will know Him in His Glory.

When this happens it will be something “new”, something never seen before so as we prepare for this event is it any wonder we cling to what we know, what we experienced as children?  Does the Church not attempt to lead us to a moment where we encounter what we do not understand with a sense of wonder?  Perhaps we cannot turn back the clock, but we can renew ourselves in what we once knew.  During Advent we claim to “prepare the way for the Lord”.  Logic says that in the Christmas Season we receive what we have prepared for.

 I pray that this Christmas will bring something new and wonderful into your life through an awakening of the relationship that Christ has come to have with you.  May your faith be strengthened and your love for Him renewed in each Sacrament you receive.  May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.                          

 Fr. Gillis

A huge thank you to all those who helped decorate and coordinate Christmas Masses and events.
Thanks also to all who have participated in the Pageant, Christmas Masses and Choirs.

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