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Telephone: (613) 546-0418 • Fax: (613)546-4626
 Holy Name of Jesus Parish, 950 Old Kingston Mills Road, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 4V3 

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 Mass Intentions
Christmas-Nativity of the Lord – Dec.25, 2011

Saturday Dec 24 5:00 pm
8:00 pm
Tom & Adriana Stenson (by Brian & Esther Reitzel) At St. Martha School
Monica Brosso (by Basil)
Sunday Dec 25 10:00 am

12:00 noon
Patricia & Basil Mulholland & the intentions of the Mulholland Family  (by Richard James & Family)

Polish Mass

Solemnity of Mary- Mother of God – Jan. 1, 2011
Saturday Dec 31 5:00 pm Yvette Delisle  (by Fern & Pat Delisle)
Sunday Jan    1 9:00 am
10:30 am
12:00 noon
Claire DeBernardi (by Celine Richard)
Polish Mass
All regular Weekday Masses are at the CHAPEL.

Readings For Jan. 1, 2011
1st Reading : Numbers 6.22-27
2nd Reading: Galations 4.4-7
Gospel: Luke 2.16-21

The Sanctuary Lamp burns to remind us of Christ’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament. 
This week the Sanctuary Lamp burns
In memory of Sue Duffy
If you wish to sponsor the sanctuary lamp for one week the cost is $10.00

Mary – Mother of God, Jan. 1, 2011
5 pm- Irma Stuart
9 am – Patricia Croxford
10:30  am – Tricia Ryan
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
Mary, Mother of God, Jan 1, 2011
5 pm – Mary Mayfield & Roseanne Hogan
9 am – Shirley Levac & Karla Nichols
10:30 am –Robert Campbell & Claire Fjiarlie

Statue of Mary
Please leave in entrance after the Mass you attend. Sign up in entryway of Church

4th Sunday in Advent
Our celebration of the birth of our Lord is a reminder that God loves us so much that he sent his only Son among us to save us,
to forgive our sins and to show us a way to our heavenly home.

Volunteers Needed!
- If you would be interested in leading a parish youth group, being a Children’s liturgy leader for our 10:30 Mass or coordinating hospitality after 10:30 Mass please call Christine at the parish office.

A Special Thank You: to ‘IN BLOOM’ Flower Shop on Gore Rd. for generously donating flowers for our weekly Masses. Please support them whenever you can!

Winner of the Large Basket at the Advent Breakfast was Erin Forbes, an ‘Irish Roots’ band member.  The winning ticket number for the basket donated by the Baltic Deli is 011061. If you have this ticket call the parish office.

Attention Readers:
There will be a meeting on Tuesday January 10th at 7 pm in the Church.  At this meeting Fr. Wes will explain any changes due to the New Translation of the Mass. Anyone who would like to become a reader is invited to attend. We encourage our youth to become readers as well.

Attention Extraordinary Ministers of Communion: There will be a meeting on Wednesday January 11th at 7 pm in the Church to discuss changes for the New Translation of the Mass.

Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Poster Contest:
Closes at the council level 1 pm, January 9th 2012 with submissions taken to the office at St. Martha School, Holy Name School or Holy Name of Jesus Church. For details visit www.11886knights.com/youth.html.

Knights of Columbus have donated a wheelchair in memory of Mrs. Ruth Walker in recognition for her outstanding support of the Knights during the first 15 years of the council. The wheelchair is intended to stay in the church for use of parishioners and guests. An appropriate plaque will be mounted on the chair in due course. Wheelchairs are donated world wide in cooperation with the Knights of Columbus wheel chair program and the Canadian Wheel Chair Association.

 May the wonder of that first Christmas,
the joy of God's abundant blessings,
and the peace of Jesus' presence
be with you always.
‘Merry Christmas’
From your Pastoral Council, Christine and
Fr. Wes

Christmas Flowers
have been donated for the Glory of God
and in Memory of

Cadue & Garrah Families by Pauline Burns
Margaret Dogan & Camille Corrigan by Catherine Crozier
Ken Furrie by Lois Furrie
Muriel Liston by Simon Kovacs
Magdalena & Edmund Ernst by Guy & Hanna Lahaie
Myles McCabe by Jacki McCabe
Ron Mayfield & Linda Bilow by Mary Mayfield
Carl & Bernice Ray, Loretta & Kim Adams by K. Nichols
Vincent & Francis Coleman by Diane Smith
Families of Stephanie & Frank Clarke
Sr. Mary Frances Houlihan G.S.I.C. by Irene Houlihan
Jim & Marion Stenson, Tom & Adriana Stenson,
Bob Stenson & Harold Payne by Tom & Ellen Payne
Richard Beaulieu, Thomas Stuart & Nancy Outhouse
Francis Carey by Margaret Carey

Monica Brosso by Basil, Gerard & Brian
Domarchuk Family by Roy & Cecile Gould
Ronald Halligan by Lois Halligan
Hogan & Kennelly families by Roseanne Hogan
DeBernardi & Kalipershad Families by M. Kalipershad
Jeff Kennedy & Kennedy & Corrigan Families
By Larry & Maureen Kennedy
Harold Legere by Clare Legere
Florence Laudanski by S. Laudanski
Niedbala & McAdoo Families by Joan Niedbala

Dubuc and Tien Families by L. Dubuc & L. Tien
Des & Ann Doyle by Townsend Family
William & Frances Parkinson, Elizabeth & John Worrall
By John & Audrey Worrall
Soconno Hernandez by Onofre Moran
McEachen & Coyne Families
Andrew Sonneveld by Yvonne & Lenna
Lanthier & Seguin Families
Lou Duguay, Tremmel & Goldstein Families
by Anna Goldstein
Jim Halladay by Madeline & Paul Halladay
Mildred & Elmer Heyd, Harry & Ruby Powell
By Jim & Helen Heyd
N.M. McKenna
Levac & Blendeman Families by Roger & Shirley Levac
Murray Fleet by Mulholland & Fleet families
Doug & Rose Kelly, Mary Dunlop, Jim & Marion Stenson by Mike & Faye Stenson
Ludwig Knaf by John Uliana
William Vanhorn by George & Cathy Vanhorn
Ford Whalen by Danny Whalen


The Pope's Christmas card
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